Whatever Suits You

WHATEVER SUITS YOU parallels the process of transforming a suit into a dress with all the physical, mental, and emotional processes of changing genders.The tattered fabric, stitched and sewn together, becomes a visual metaphor for the realization and creation of a newly formed gender identity. Part autobiography, part documentary, part testimonial, the film sheds light on what it means to be transgendered.

Director’s Statement

I started this film after hearing about the Seattle Transgendered Film Festival. This was the first festival I had heard of focusing primarily on transgendered issues, and I was excited to be accepted. The suit in the film was bought for my father’s wedding. The wedding occurred a few months before I went full-time as a female. Trying to work through the changes of transition (including wardrobe changes) led me to thinking about altering the suit and myself.

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Official Selection

  • Pre-Pride Cinema @ Gendered Intelligence – London, UK (July 2010)
  • Boston LGBT Film and Video Festival (May 2008)
  • BFI London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (April 2008)
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival (March 2008)
  • Mix NYC (November 2007)
  • Outtakes Dallas (November 2007)
  • Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival (September 2007)
  • Frameline31: San Francisco International GLBT Film Festival (June 2007)
  • Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (October 2006)

WHATEVER SUITS YOU (2006) 7 min., color, miniDV