Passage of an Afternoon

In PASSAGE OF AN AFTERNOON casual daydream images drift in and out like clouds on a lazy summer day. The film attempts to examine, if only within a passing glance, the minute moments that make up everyday life. The black and white images contrast the film’s visual drama with its serene mood.


The film was shot as an experiment on a digital camera with a twenty second video mode. Segments were filmed in random sequence and edited together.


  • Cream City Foundation Art Night – Milwaukee, WI (March 2011)
  • Beauty Salon Gallery Night – Milwaukee, WI (May 2009)
  • Double Exposure Art Show @ Milwaukee Gay Arts Center (January 2008)
  • The Academy of Unconventional Art Show – Milwaukee, WI (July 2006)

PASSAGE OF AN AFTERNOON (2006) 4 min., BW, miniDV