Playing With Gender

BW /Stereo /2007

“Who knew gender theory and the 1950’s would go so well together” – Julia Serano

In this re-imagining of a 1950’s educational film, young people on a picnic learn about gender, gender roles and transgendered identities. The film shows how gender is constructed and a multitude of gender identities that fall outside the boundaries of simply male or female.

You can watch the trailer here!

Whatever Suits You

Color /Stereo /2006

This film parallels the process of transforming a suit into a dress with all the physical, mental, and emotional processes of changing genders.The tattered fabric, stitched and sewn together, becomes a visual metaphor for the realization and creation of a newly formed gender identity. Part autobiography, part documentary, part testimonial, the film sheds light on what it means to be transgendered.

You can watch the trailer here!

Passage of an Afternoon

BW /Stereo /2006

Three minutes of casual daydream images. The film was shot as an experiment on a digital camera with a twenty second video mode. Segments were filmed in random sequence and edited together. The black and white images contrast the film’s visual drama with its serene mood.

You can watch the film here.

Mère Rêve

mere reve still

Color /Silent /2002

Mere Reve flickers like a kaleidoscope convulsing through a sequence of memories. Childhood’s fleeting moments become fragmentary, buried in a maze of frenetically passing time. The film is loosely based on the artist’s dream about her mother’s death.

You can watch the film here.

The Optic Nerve

BW /Stereo /2003

A paparazzo pursues a desperate couple through a barren environment of imposing industrial and natural oppression, and like birds in a cage, there is no hope of escape. The musical score was inspired by radiator noise interfering with sleep.