6 Months Post-Op

Date posted: April 10, 2014

knit vulva

Hey Everyone,

It’s been too long, and I have no good excuses for my absence. My life has been in major flux since my last surgical status update.  I quit my long time job as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble and am working more at the Tool Shed.  I miss my friends/co-workers at B&N, but it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

I’ve also been tirelessly sticking to my all-consuming dilation schedule, and I’m finally through the worst of it.  It has been a long post-surgical road, but I’m happy to celebrate this milestone.  My friend Lyndzi made me this awesome knitted vulva as gift!  She makes awesome dyed yarn and other knitted crafts.  Check her out at her Etsy.com page!

As for the film making…I’ve been going over the last 5 years of footage (some 60 HOURS!) for “Making the Cut”.  It’s been daunting to say the least, but I’m sticking with it.  In fact I’ve got a few more thing to shoot.  In fact, I’ll be taping an upcoming event for FORGE at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center on Friday, April 18th, 1pm.

Kellan Baker, the Associate Director of LGBT Research and Communications Project at the Center for American Progress will be presenting an informative discussion on trans issues and the Affordable Care Act.  I’m excited to have another crucial voiced added to all the other great perspectives in the film.  You can find out more info about this event here. 

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