Date posted: November 6, 2013
Waking up from surgery

Waking up from surgery

Hey everyone,

It’s been a little over a month since my surgery.  I am back home and healing up.  My gender confirmation experience was pretty good overall.  I had a great medical team taking care of me and making me feel comfortable.  The nurses and care team at Lower Bucks County Hospital were wonderful and of course I can’t thank my surgeon, Dr. Christine McGinn and folks at the Papillon Center for all their wonderful work.  My new lady parts are still a little sore, but look great!   And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my amazing wife, Maria and Mom for putting up with my crankiness and being my angels!  I love you guys.  Plus, thank you to everyone who has sent me kind words of support and well wishes via cards, flowers, and the web.  The love I have from friends and family is truly overwhelming.

As for me I am glad to be home.  I’ve been following my new dilation schedule and watching lots of movies and working on various projects while I’m off from work.  I’m feeling pretty good and even getting out a little bit.  It’s still early on in my recovery process, and things are somewhat tender, but that’s to be expected.  I’m glad everyone like my previous post about the 30 Things I’ve Learned.  If you haven’t checked them out please do.  Thanks to my friend Helen Boyd for reposting some of them on her amazing blog en|Gender.  I love the added insights.

Till next time,


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