Happy New Year!!!

Date posted: January 5, 2012
Ashley & Maria's wedding

Somebody got married!!!

Happy 2012 everyone!  My new year’s resolution is to maintain this site better this year.  I feel like I’ve been away forever and I have.  The year and have had a lot of ups and downs for me. I got married and had an amazing honeymoon, the Trans/Love Anthology edited by Morty Diamond finally came out, I did a 6 month internship at OnMilwaukee.com!  On the downside, my films and the website have slacked off.

I’m happy to say that “Playing With Gender” will be playing at the first annual “Out in the Desert” Film Festival in Tuscon, AZ next month!  I also found out that I was named runner-up for “best local filmmaker” by the Shepherd Express.  Thanks to all of you who voted! I also have a Twitter account if you want to follow me there!

I’m in the early stages of some new projects that I hope to start filming in the next couple of months. Of course “Making the Cut” continues on.  I still have a lot of “Making the Cut” shirts left over.  You can pick one up to the right of the page ———->

Thanks as always for your patience and sticking with me.  I will do my best to keep things current this year!



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